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Four Reasons Why You Need Video Transcription and Captioning Services

Video camera for taking precious momentsHave you ever watched a Spanish or French movie without captions? If you are a fan of foreign movies, then you would understand why video transcriptions and captions are important. In order to attract a wider circle of viewers, you need to relay the message in a language that most people can understand. Check out the top reasons why your video needs captions and transcriptions!

Translation into Other Languages

Remember watching a Spanish or French movie without captions where you have no idea how the story goes and you can’t understand what the actors are saying? Here comes the need for transcription online and captioning. Transcribing and captioning videos can expand its viewership on a larger scale of audience globally.

Increased Comprehension

Captions help people understand more what they are viewing. Even native English speakers enable captions in order to understand the content better. It also helps them memorize what has just been said. For example, students or professionals actually learn better while watching videos (like lectures or training videos) with the captions on because visual learning enhances the memorization of the subject.

Better SEO and More Traffic to Your Website

A video that is properly transcribed and captioned can have more views than the ones with no captions at all. Transcribed and captioned videos also help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Google and other search engines prefer captioned videos thus helping you rank for target keywords even better than videos with no captions. Video transcripts can also be optimized as per its keywords or tags to help viewers to find content quickly and easily.

Aiding People with Hearing Disabilities

There are people who suffer from hearing disabilities worldwide. The World Federation of Deaf has statistics showing at least 70 million people are deaf. How does this correlate to captions and transcriptions? Captions help people with hearing disabilities access the information in your videos; it makes learning through videos much easier for them.

Do you still have videos that don’t have captions and transcriptions? Now would be a good time to optimize those videos so a larger audience can benefit from them. Call iScribed to get started!