Why Transcription Is Beneficial for Academic Research

Whether you’re in school or college academic research is an essential part of your daily work. Research requires a lot of time and effort and taking shortcuts can be detrimental. Easy accessibility of a multitude of research material online has made it very easy for students to find what they need but there will be instances where one has to utilize the old-fashioned methods of research. Having a quality output from the combined usage of technology and the traditional research methods will ensure a high-quality output.

Academic exploration such as research requires a methodical approach that might give rise to the need for transcriptions. If you research different information sources haphazardly, you may miss out on important facts and information. This will not just delay your research, but can also compromise the results of your study. Arriving at the right hypothesis will allow you to reach the correct output.

Two kinds of research you can opt for are secondary and primary.

Secondary Study – Secondary research is comprised of referencing prevailing texts, which could be published media, statistics and other relevant materials.

Primary Research – This type of research requires you to do observational work, oversee interviews and collect data with the help of surveys.


Interviews are the best way to collect research data for qualitative exploration. If you’re able to formulate the right research questions that will be very relevant to your study and ask the perfect subjects, the data gathering process will achieve half of its success. Having the right data from the right research subjects will assist you enormously in gaining useful insights for your exploration subject. Many would counter that interviews are time consuming and that its contribution to academic exploration is not that outstanding.

Numerous interviews will demand hours for transcription services. Most academic professionals might not be able to spare time for transcribing the interview results and might result in poor data interpretation. In order to preserve the meaningful output that you can extract from the interviews, getting services from a specialized transcriber will be beneficial.

A proficient transcriber has the ability to do a verbatim transcription of the interview or edit the redundant phrases or words and the long pauses from the audio recording of the interview. The transcription of your recordings will be dependent upon how you want the data to be presented. This will surely make things easier for you and will enable you to examine the information that was gained over the course of the interview in a more organized manner. If you want your audio recordings and interview to be transcribed by skilled professionals, getting service from iScribed is the best choice you’ll make. Contact them today!



How to Win Your Case with Legal Transcription?

In the recent years and with today’s technology, lawyers and a lot of law firms would often choose to hire audio transcription companies or services for fast and secure transcription of their documents. Lawyers choose the best transcription companies in order to save time and to avoid the hassle of having poorly transcribed files. Below are some of the ways legal transcription services can bolster your case.

It Adds Character to Your Profession                                                                                                                                                             

A crucial part of a lawyer’s profession is having good documentation practices. Without this, a lawyer cannot use documents as evidence. In legal cases, i.e. litigations, efficient verbatim transcriptions and excellent record keeping would help a lawyer tremendously. The scrutiny of court records and testimonies takes too much time and getting help from legal transcriptionist will give you time to focus on the more important aspect of the case. High-quality transcriptions from your litigations often become case references in the future and in turn will educate other legal practitioners. Judgements, court proceedings, witness interviews, court hearings, sworn statements, police transcripts and other legal documents can be reviewed by a lawyer easily if he works together with a professional audio transcriptionist. Imagine the number of hours that you can save from these documents if you have high quality transcripts. With these pieces of information available at your disposal, winning cases can surely be fairly easy.

Legal Transcription for Support

Lawyers and law firms can concentrate on their cases, while transcriptionists transcribe their documents, thus automating the workflow. Now, with the help of transcriptionists, lawyers and their firms have more time to focus on their cases and think of ways and strategies on how to win it.

Must Take It Further

In a legal environment, lawyers would often prepare legal documents, emails and legal synopsis which could be done by a transcriptionist or transcriber. Outsourcing all these tasks improves a lawyer’s productivity and efficiency in general. But in order to have a reliable transcription provider you need to choose wisely as it could either make your life easier or worse. iScribed has excellent customer reviews and thousands of happy customers thus making it one of the best choices when it comes to legal transcription.

If you’re a lawyer and you need legal transcription services, hire iScribed and visit our website now!

Speech Technology and Transcription

Speech bubbles with businessman working his tablet.

In the modern world, speech technology has progressed as a powerful tool to improve business performance. In the past few years, speech and voice recognition technology has become a dynamic and powerful tool to grow businesses. Unlike before, where organizations and companies have struggled to find methods to understand their customers and how people use their products and services, speech technology has become the perfect tool to study and learn more about the technical needs of their consumers, enhance communication and its effectiveness, and at the same time capturing invaluable consumer data.

Summarized History of Speech technology

Speech technology started out way back in the 18th century when Wolfgang von Kempelen invented the “Acoustic-Mechanical Speech Machine.” At that time, the machine invented was the first to produce speech sounds and whole words. It later progressed and in the late 1900’s Bell Laboratories designed “Audrey” which recognized digits spoken from a single voice and was the true initial step towards speech recognition. Then after 10 years, IBM revealed the first and only “Shoebox.” The amazing machine could recognize simple words at that time.

Speech Technology has progressed perhaps most dramatically from the early 1700’s to the late 1900’s. Man’s drive to learn and improve has given rise to inventions from the simplest machines to more complex platforms. Organizations, businesses and various government offices have suddenly noticed the possibilities it could offer.

Speech Technology as an Aid to Transcription

Speech technology, as a transcription aid, can reduce information entry costs and provide delivery of accurate information through customer voice efficiently. A lot of big businesses and organizations gain amazing benefits from using voice technology as an aid in transcription. However, outputs produced by speech technology still need human intervention for accuracy checks. Iscribed can help with this and with specialized transcriptions. Check out our services above.

Once checked by a qualified transcription firm, text that is generated from audio can be indexed and be searchable in the internet. Imagine the availability of interviews, meetings and training videos instantly. It will surely make the job of employees from large to small firms easier and less cumbersome.

Learn more on how’s specialized professional transcription services can influence your business. Take time to visit our site or call us today!

Freelance Transcription vs. Professional Transcription: Five Reasons Professional Transcription is Always a Better Choice

Fast hands typing on keyboard

Transcribing audio to text is a very daunting task that requires specialized skills for a high quality output. Some freelancers offering transcription services could charge very cheap rates for transcription but their service may lack depth and experience. Others may even have poor fluency and typing skills which in turn leads to producing inaccurate output and inefficiency. Choosing an established professional firm for your professional transcription services could help you avoid significant issues and ensure quality output. Below are five reasons why a professional transcription service is always a better choice than an inexperienced freelance transcription provider.

  1. Fluency. A very crucial skill that transcriptionists need. In order to provide the best output, an individual needs to have in depth knowledge of both written and spoken language. Knowledge of idioms and also the use of metaphor and common slang are required. Inexperienced freelancers providing transcription services could lack the fluency in English which could lead to several mistakes. However, this could be avoided if you choose professional transcriptionists who are properly trained for the job.
  2. Accuracy. The most important element in transcription is accuracy. Inaccurate transcriptions. may lead to difficulties and delays for businesses. Inaccurate transcriptions can be avoided whenyou trust your transcriptions jobs to qualified firms who have properly trained transcriptionists.
  3.  Homonyms and Homophones. These words that sound and look alike could present major difficulties for inexperienced freelance transcription providers. Professional transcriptionists could easily avoid confusing these words thus ensuring correct meaning is conveyed on the transcript. Hiring experienced professionals for your transcriptions makesa huge difference in terms of the quality of the transcribed material.
  4. Punctuation. This is one of the most common mistakes in transcribing audio to text. Inexperienced Freelance transcriptionists often abuse punctuation marks and would often insert unnecessary punctuations all over the transcript . This can cause confusion when the transcript is read.
  5. Grammar. Needless to say, a high quality transcription has impeccable grammar. Inexperienced freelance transcriptionists are more likely to produce outputs that don’t comply with the style and rules of grammar. With a professional transcription firm, however, grammatical errors are completely zeroed out since transcription outputs go through different levels of quality assurance to ensure the transcribed material is impeccable.

We hope the above reasons convinced you to entrust your transcription needs to a professional transcription firm. By doing so, you are ensured of a high quality transcription material delivered in an efficient timely manner.

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