How to Find a Professional Transcription Service

When you’ve got an important deadline ominously looming on the horizon, taking a chance on a virtual assistant or inexperienced transcriptionist to transcribe your media might not be the best move—or even the cheapest.

So, why do it?

attracting an audience

There are plenty of (succinct) horror stories on Twitter about this. Handing your files off to the wrong transcription service can result in low-quality transcripts that are more or less unusable. Surprisingly, this includes the big services and startups with millions of dollars of venture capital to spend on advertising budgets, but not enough to ensure that every transcript is high quality.

To make finding the right transcribing service more difficult, there are quite a few individuals selling transcription services online. You’ll see them advertising their services on social media. Some – not all – of these people are not experienced transcribers at all.

Transcription is one of those underappreciated professions that many people assume anyone can do: “It’s just typing, right? Just hours, and hours, and hours of typing, right? I can handle that.”

Famous last words.

Anyone who’s tried to transcribe even a 15 minute audio file quickly finds out (at about the 7 minute mark) just how much work audio transcription actually is.

Keep in mind, these people are most likely experienced transcribers, and it’s still this painful.

Instead of hiring an amateur online who’s offering a litany of miscellaneous services in addition to audio/video transcription, turn to the professionals at iScribed to get high-quality work done by a team of fast, accurate, native English-speaking transcriptionists at extremely competitive pricing.

should-have-hired-transcriptionistThere’s an old saying that you get what you pay for and that is particularly true when it comes to transcription (and captioning). Transcribing is not a simple task. While it can often be tedious work, it requires high levels of attention and concentration.

A command of the English language, the ability to understand English in a variety of accents, and of course, excellent typing skills are other prerequisites. Experienced transcribers, like those at iScribed, can make short work of hours of recorded media. Even if you’re backed up with audio or video recordings that need to be transcribed, they can handle it:

From the FAQ:

Are there any special rates or discounts that apply for large orders or repeat business?

Absolutely! Please contact iScribed to discuss your large project or give us an estimate of the volume of business we can expect, and we will give you the best bulk rate in the industry.

While iScribed’s prices are low compared to their larger competitors, their prices are high enough that you get the high quality transcripts you need in a flash.

Telltale signs of an unqualified transcriptionist:

  • Offering tons of other services in addition to transcribing
  • Using extremely basic or non-fluent English phrasing when advertising their services
  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting errors
  • Significant trouble deciphering English speakers with strong accents

When hiring a transcription service online, keep an eye out for the telltale signs of an inexperienced transcriptionist. Make sure your audio or video is being transcribed by professionals with the right level of experience for your needs.

If you have any questions about your project or the types of transcription services we offer, feel free to contact iScribed today.

Is it Safe to Send Sensitive Data to a Transcription Service?

Sometimes, you need documents transcribed privately. High-speed Internet (and digital technology in general) has made getting audio and video recordings transcribed much more efficient than in, say, the 1990s.

Unfortunately, we all know the reputation the Internet and its users have. Let’s just say the Information Superhighway’s reputation for security hasn’t improved much since… well, since people stopped calling it the “Information Superhighway.”

So, which  transcription company do you go to? Who can you trust to keep your information secure online?

Instead of sending your files to a transcription service at random and hoping they keep your file contents private, find a transcription service that will keep your information private.

Who Needs Private Transcription Services?

Many different kinds of businesses and individuals need secure transcription services. It’s not just multi-trillion dollar corporations and government agencies who need to keep their data private. Small and medium-sized businesses and even regular every day average “Joes” and “Joe Annas” can have information that is just as important to keep secure.

Unfortunately, you can’t always guarantee that random transcriptionists hired off the web will care about you or your company’s interests. Nor can you ensure that a personal or virtual assistant who offers transcription services will keep your information 100% safe from prying eyes.

So, why should only the big guys be able to afford the peace of mind of having secure, NDA-backed transcribing? Fortunately, an affordable option does exist. That affordable option’s name is

If you wouldn’t want the audio or video files you’ve uploaded to be transcribed released to the public at large (or even your next-door neighbor), your wishes should be respected. We feel that respect should apply whether you require:

iScribed doesn’t believe that you should have to pay an extra fee just for privacy. Keeping your information private applies to every service we offer automatically—you don’t have to specifically request it.

Rest assured that if it goes through our site, we keep it private.

iScribed’s Transcriptionists Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements

iScribed’s team of transcriptionists in the US, UK, and Canada all sign non-disclosure agreements as a necessary part of the hiring process. Essentially, a non-disclosure agreement is a binding legal contract ensuring that the transcriptionist does not share the actual file or disclose the contents of the video or audio file to anyone else.

With, you can be assured that both transcriptionists, including the one who proofreads your transcripts for accuracy before they are sent back to you, have signed binding legal agreements to keep your data safe.

Have questions about how we keep your data safe, please feel free to contact us:

The Best Video Captioning and Subtitling Service

In need of high quality video captioning or subtitling services?

Here’s the unfortunate truth: many online video caption and subtitle companies charge an arm and two legs for the service, while attempting to doing it yourself can eat up a lot more of your time than you expect. If you’re a busy video professional or in the media/entertainment industry, you can’t be spending a whole lot of hours transcribing videos (nor would you want to).

iScribed offers quick and professional online video transcribing, subtitling, and captioning services. Not only that, but iScribed is…

Top video captioning service

Why Get Captioning Services?

We all know that providing closed caption support helps to ensure equal opportunities to people with disabilities, gives all people equal access to resources, and ensures that businesses and educational institutions are complying with anti–discrimination laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act.

But, did you know that:

  • Nearly 1 in every 5 Americans are deaf or hard at hearing? Not providing subtitles on a video is denying approximately 48 million people access to this online content in America alone.
  • About 1 in every 6 people in the UK (or in other words, more than 10 million people) have some form of hearing loss.
  • Over 5% of the world’s population have, in the words of the World Health Organization, “disabling hearing loss.” That adds up to 360 million people.

Even if you’re not planning to sync up the transcribed words with the voices of the speakers in your video, there’s another very simple reason you should always provide video transcripts online. That reason is something called SEO. Search engine crawlers can’t categorize and archive videos (and they’re probably not going to be able to anytime soon). iScribed’s video transcription services allow search engine crawlers like Google to accurately index your content.

While there are obvious similarities (such as a lot of typing), transcribing video is different than transcribing audio. Captioning can be output into “subtitle” files of various formats, and can be easily uploaded into software or on YouTube to sync everything up without needing to do so manually. Click here for a table of subtitle formats on YouTube.

If the video hasn’t been released yet and if the content is proprietary, don’t worry. iScribed’s team of English transcribers all sign non-disclosure agreements. iScribed is one of the most affordable NDA transcription services online, and as our 4.8/5.0 average customer rating shows, we’re a company you can trust.

While it might sound like the proverbial cake-walk (what does that mean, anyway) to convert your own video to text transcriptions if you’ve never done it, just ask anyone who has. They’ll let you know that transcribing is a time-consuming task best passed off to the professionals.

Hiring a professional video captioning service like iScribed is actually the easiest and most cost-effective option for many productions. Besides ensuring 99% accuracy, iScribed’s transcriptionists will get the job done much faster than a novice. We also provide numerous options for subtitle formats, making captioning a breeze.

Take the first step to improving the value of your productions and boosting the number of people viewing your video by trying out our affordable video transcription or video captioning / subtitling now.

Recording and Transcribing Conference Calls

Recording and Transcribing Conference Calls Online

Transcribing conference calls is different than transcribing other types of audio. During a conference call there are multiple speakers and technology limitations can play a role in how difficult the audio is to transcribe. Because of the difficulties associated with attempting to transcribe conference calls, it’s important to hire a professional to get the best results.

Technology Limitations

conference-room-at-officeA recorder placed in the room with one of the people on the call can pick up most of the conversations between the parties, but certain lines are bound to be missed. Unfortunately, telephone-based recording devices are expensive and unreasonable to purchase if recording conference calls will not be a normal part of business.

Fortunately, a professional transcription service should be able to make out most, if not all, of what is being said. They can re-listen to audio and use the context of the conversation to determine missing parts. The cost of transcribing conference calls recorded with sub-par equipment can be higher, but not prohibitively high for most businesses.


Transcribing conference calls usually falls under the category of business transcription. There are many types of businesses that may want to have a conference call transcribed, particularly medical professionals, lawyers and entrepreneurs. Having a written transcription of a call can help make it easy to find particular parts of the conversation later on where ideas were shared or agreements were made.

Some types of businesses transcribe their calls as a way of protecting themselves from legal troubles later on down the line. If this is the case, it’s important to let the other party know they are being recorded. People are less likely to say hurtful, rude or derogative things when they know they are being recorded. Any transcriptions obtained from recordings can usually be submitted to court along with the audio files.

Ordering a Transcription 

Most conference calls can be transcribed by mailing the tape of the recording to the transcriber or, in the case of online transcription services, by uploading the audio files over the internet. There are many providers that transcribe audio files online, making it easy and fast to get the transcriptions you need.

When ordering a transcription, be sure to get a quote on the work you need done before agreeing to a contract. That way, you will know what the transcription will cost ahead of time and can plan accordingly. Don’t forget to ask what the turnaround time will be. Most transcribers that have lengthy turnaround times offer clients a discount over speedier services. Once you order your transcription, all that’s left to do is wait for your text file to be delivered. When you get it, review it for accuracy and make any changes needed before filing it away for later use.

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