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Practical reasons why transcripts and captions are great for content marketing

Video content has gained immense traction over the years and is projected to account for at least 80% of internet traffic by 2019. Videos are great for capturing attention and engaging your users by highlighting relevant and directed content. They also have high shareability value.

So does this mean words are on their way out for good? Of course not. Not even close.

In fact, we really need to talk about why more online videos need transcripts and captions.

Transcriptions and captions for online videos: Major advantages

According to the ADA and FCC regulations for captioning videos, online videos that have not been broadcast on television do not mandatorily need captions.

While this may mean you’re not legally required to caption your video marketing content, you really need to think how you’re losing out by not adding transcripts and captions for your marketing videos.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

You’ve heard this ad nauseum: transcripts and captions are great for your SEO. But do you know why?

Google’s indexing bots can’t really watch the videos, but they can crawl the transcripts and metadata of videos, match them with relevant keywords, and suggest your videos to your target demographic.

SEO is all about getting you more site visits or video views, and in turn, generating more sales. Transcripts of videos are great for this specifically. By adding a transcript for your video, you’re ruling out SEO malpractices like keyword stuffing and in fact, enriching your video page by including relevant search terms in your transcript.

Accessibility and Engagement

Captions and transcripts of your marketing videos go a long way to increase the accessibility of these videos. Optimized metadata is great for drawing your desired demographic to your website, YouTube channel, or blog page, and a detailed transcript or accurate captions are what make them stay.

Captions help viewers with hearing disabilities or other users who are situationally challenged (by being in a public transport or other noise sensitive environment) relate to the content of your video comprehensively. Moreover, text accompaniments like captions and transcripts increase the view time of a video by helping viewers interpret and retain technical terms and other relevant content easily.

Lastly, captions and transcripts help viewers watch and learn from your video at their own pace, which automatically means they’d be inclined to invest more time in watching your video.

In essence, captions are great for engaging as well as closing the conversion loop. Without captions, these viewers may have just bookmarked your video, never to return to it again.

Increase user base

If your company works in multiple geographic regions, getting high-quality captions and transcriptions is the first step to localize your product without high investments.

Having accurate captions and transcripts for your marketing videos can speed up the translation process and help you reach a wider user base faster. These can also be turned into other derivative marketing content such as blog posts, ad banners, brochures, and flyers that can be easily shared with your customers.

Are these challenges at all?

We know – integrating accurate transcripts and captions in your new videos or updating past videos with can be challenging to say the least. But when you consider the long-term results, are these challenges at all?

Accurate transcripts and captions: Difficult to get them right?

To speed up the integration process, many companies opt for the automatic captions in video editors or on YouTube, which inevitably affects the quality of your marketing videos. For one, they may not sync properly, and automatic captions are notorious for their level of inaccuracy. In fact, most automatic captioning and speech recognition options offer only 80% accuracy (but an understanding of a video is significantly lowered with captions that have >3% inaccuracy rate).

This means you need to explore other avenues to get accurate transcripts and captions for your marketing videos.

Fast turnaround

A huge part of marketing is getting the word out fast. So, you may think that waiting for captions and transcript integration may make you late to the party.

But here’s the thing – if you have a workflow set up with a trusted captioning and transcriptions partner, turnaround time isn’t going to be a hiccup at all.

In fact, with your newfangled captions and transcript, you’ll be reaching more users and driving up engagement than those who released their videos without thinking ahead.

Cost-intensive: A myth?

If you’re worried about adding one more step to the video production process and driving up your production cost per vide, think again.

A professional and trusted captioning and transcriptions partner will be happy to provide a reasonable per word or project specific rate if you produce videos and need high-quality transcripts and captions regularly integrated.

You lose if you deliberate

Investing in enriching the viewing experience of your videos shouldn’t be a topic for debate at all. In fact, adding transcripts and captions for your marketing videos will not only get you noticed for opting to embrace inclusivity but will also solve practical viewing problems that may be causing higher bounce rates and lower conversion rates on your page.

Video content is definitely here to stay – are you ready to be at the forefront of accessibility and customer loyalty by integrating captions and transcripts in your videos?