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Speech Technology and Transcription

Speech bubbles with businessman working his tablet.

In the modern world, speech technology has progressed as a powerful tool to improve business performance. In the past few years, speech and voice recognition technology has become a dynamic and powerful tool to grow businesses. Unlike before, where organizations and companies have struggled to find methods to understand their customers and how people use their products and services, speech technology has become the perfect tool to study and learn more about the technical needs of their consumers, enhance communication and its effectiveness, and at the same time capturing invaluable consumer data.

Summarized History of Speech technology

Speech technology started out way back in the 18th century when Wolfgang von Kempelen invented the “Acoustic-Mechanical Speech Machine.” At that time, the machine invented was the first to produce speech sounds and whole words. It later progressed and in the late 1900’s Bell Laboratories designed “Audrey” which recognized digits spoken from a single voice and was the true initial step towards speech recognition. Then after 10 years, IBM revealed the first and only “Shoebox.” The amazing machine could recognize simple words at that time.

Speech Technology has progressed perhaps most dramatically from the early 1700’s to the late 1900’s. Man’s drive to learn and improve has given rise to inventions from the simplest machines to more complex platforms. Organizations, businesses and various government offices have suddenly noticed the possibilities it could offer.

Speech Technology as an Aid to Transcription

Speech technology, as a transcription aid, can reduce information entry costs and provide delivery of accurate information through customer voice efficiently. A lot of big businesses and organizations gain amazing benefits from using voice technology as an aid in transcription. However, outputs produced by speech technology still need human intervention for accuracy checks. Iscribed can help with this and with specialized transcriptions. Check out our services above.

Once checked by a qualified transcription firm, text that is generated from audio can be indexed and be searchable in the internet. Imagine the availability of interviews, meetings and training videos instantly. It will surely make the job of employees from large to small firms easier and less cumbersome.

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