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Why we are the best choice for your Transcription project

iScribed's transcription staff has over 300 years of combined audio transcription experience. Whether you need Medical, Legal, or General transcription, we are the best choice for your projects. All our transcriptionists and proofreaders go through a rigorous hiring process and are native English speakers unlike our competitors. Our transcriptionists also sign an NDA with us to keep your files and their contents safe.

Your project is as important to us as it is to you and we're always here to help!

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FREE Demo Order!

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Medical, Legal, and General Transcriptions

$0.89 / Audio Minute

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Two-Pass Process

Native English Speakers

99% Accuracy

48 Hour Turnaround

Who Needs Transcriptions?

Attorneys / Paralegals / Assistants

In a busy law office, time is always of the essence. Between having a heavy caseload and concentrating on the details of arbitrations, depositions and interrogations, Attorneys and legal teams shouldn't have to spend valuable time deciphering and transcribing important recorded files. Allow iScribed to lift the transcription process from your shoulders. Agreed, understanding legal terminology is an artform, but it's one that iScribed has perfected. Our legal transcription services include: court proceedings, correspondence, arbitrations, depositions, interrogations, wiretaps, pleadings, inquiries, court hearings, seminars, lectures, meetings, interviews, testimonies, reports, and more. Case closed.

Business Professionals / Entrepreneurs

From meetings and training seminars to trade events, a lot of effort goes into presenting information but not always into capturing the details. When it comes to important deals or business decisions it's the details that can make the difference. But what Business Professional has the time to write down every detail or to later transcribe an audio recording of the event. Let iScribed check that off your list so you can focus on more important matters, like expanding your business, increasing sales, or launching a new product. Our business transcription services include: brainstorming sessions, meeting minutes, lectures, focus group sessions, press announcements, event recordings, speeches, seminars, training sessions, and town hall meetings. Done deal.

Civic Leaders / Community Organizers

Whether running a municipality or coordinating the local PTO, holding meetings are the most common method of sharing information, finalizing plans and gathering feedback from your constituents. During any town meeting, referendum, or hearing various topics will be discussed and numerous business owners, homeowners, other taxpayers, and expert presenters will offer their opinions. But it's difficult to remember who said what, about what topic, and when, especially weeks or months after the meeting. Recording the meeting is great but who has the time to transcribe and time stamp it. Capture precise meeting minutes with iScribed's audio transcription services and avoid having to hit play and rewind over and over again. Our transcription services include: town hall meeting minutes, board of finance meeting minutes, capital project presentations, PTO minutes, and more. Meeting adjourned.

Counselors / Advisors / Coaches

Helping a client move ahead and succeed can be gratifying. Being able to do it again and again for multiple clients is rewarding for everyone involved. Duplicating a successful process or system, whether it's a series of webinars, training seminars or Q&A sessions, is how ongoing breakthroughs are achieved. Avoid reinventing the wheel. Capture your tried and true methods using iScribed's audio transcription services. Our professional transcription services include: Lectures, webinars, seminars, dictation notes, Q&A sessions, conferences, clinics, and more.

Educators / Professors / Teachers / Students / Support Staff

The transfer of knowledge is what education and learning is all about. As Educators and Teachers showing your passion for a subject can inspire students to want to know more. Passing along this passion starts with student access to information. Give them access by transcribing your lectures, webinars and classroom discussions into searchable, downloadable documents. For students, turning your verbal thesis or term paper notes into printable documents saves time and ensures accurate and full recall. Allow iScribed's audio transcription services to help you share your knowledge. Our educational transcription services include: seminars, lectures, webinars, dissertations, term papers, presentations, thesis notes, research, classroom discussions, and speeches. Class dismissed.

Executives / Administrators

Key components to a corporation's growth and profitability are executive strategy sessions, merger meetings, and acquisition transactions. When steering a company's direction, executives rely on the information discussed during these dealings, whether on a conference call or in a face to face meeting, to make informed decisions. But the information must be accurate, accessible and searchable. Have the right data at your fingertips with iScribed's audio transcription services. Our executive transcription services include: video conferences, phone conversations, conference calls, dictation notes, meetings, and executive and industry conferences.

Journalists / Editors / Authors / Writers / Screenwriters / Reporters

Chasing down a lead, conducting an interview or brainstorming for a new novel or script. Not the best time to stop and write notes. That would kill the flow, creativity and accuracy. Instead, record your interviews, thoughts, and script readings and let iScribed's audio transcription services capture every question, answer, idea or dialogue. Our editorial transcription services include: research notes, interview recordings, creative thinking sessions, audio articles and news releases, dialogues, drafts, and manuscripts. The End.

Keynote Speakers / Program Producers

You had a captive audience, attendance better than expected and your presentation went flawlessly. Requests for a copy of the program are pouring in. So go ahead and post it. Take advantage of the chance to share your message and let others promote you and your brand. Send your audio recording to iScribed and let us provide you with a complete, accurate, downloadable document of your recording that everyone can read. Now it's easy to post your presentation online or to email it to your attendees for additional promotion. Our professional audio transcription services include: key note speeches, seminars, conferences, webinars, and lectures.

Media Executives / Podcasters /Radio Personnel

Expanding your circulation, distributing information, reaching your audience. Regardless of your medium - print, online or radio, you are all trying to do the same thing, increase your circle of influence. To do that means giving your audience options for receiving or accessing your information and show broadcasts. Letting iScribed turn your podcasts or radio shows into searchable documents or e-books allows you and your audience to easily locate information. And it lets you eliminate dreaded "dead air." Our audio transcription services include: Internet videos, audio and video podcasts, radio shows, and on-air interviews.

Office Managers / Project Managers

Your boss just asked you to head up a big project and emphasized there is no room for confusion. You have your first meeting and team members are throwing ideas and recommendations all over the room to see what sticks. How do you manage the input to make sure you stay on budget, time and quality? Record your meetings, stage gate steps, timelines, and action items and send iScribed your recordings. Our audio transcription services will give you complete transcribed documents of your meetings so that your team will all be on the same page. Our professional transcription services include: brainstorming sessions, conference calls, meeting notes, presentations, and more. Happy boss.

Online Video Contributors / Video Editors / Producers

Video production covers a variety of types and styles from home movies and wedding videos to product promotions. But the quality can differ depending on who shot the video, especially when it comes to the audio. Can't quite make out what the Best Man said in his speech. Product specifications weren't stated clearly enough. Let iScribed capture everything that was said in an accurate, readable document. Now you can post clear language along with your video so there's no mistaking what your product can do (or what the Best Man said about the Groom!). Our audio transcription services include: training videos, marketing videos, testimonials, interviews, product demonstrations, and event videos.

Physicians / Medical Technicians / Holistic Practitioners

The Affordable Care and Healthcare Reform Acts are giving more Americans access to healthcare which will increase the patient load of Doctors, PAs, health service providers, and hospitals. More patients mean more paperwork – patient history, exams, lab tests, etc. Spend your time diagnosing and healing not filling out paperwork. Dictate your observations and recommendations and let iScribed's audio transcription services turn them into complete, accurate documents that can be easily shared. After all, we are talking about your patient's life, and complete accurate information prevents medical mishaps. Our medical transcription services include: examination and diagnoses notes, patient and treatment history, laboratory test results, x-ray readings, and surgical procedure recordings.

Politicians / Government Liaisons

Running for office, advocating for your constituents or navigating the political corridors all come with their own challenges. The common ground is communication and information. The amount of information recorded during town hall meetings, debates, speeches, and committee hearings can be mind numbing. Organize it into a manageable system by having iScribed transcribe these recordings into searchable, readable documents allowing you to easily find a topic or concern and recall what was discussed, or maybe promised, and by whom. Our audio transcription services include: speeches, conventions, debates, meetings, hearings, conference calls, phone conversations, interviews, and more.

Religious Leaders / Secretaries

You went off script and delivered a powerful, spontaneous sermon. Your recent meeting covered such a wide range of topics and ideas that you can't remember who volunteered for what. It's a good thing you record everything. But who has the time or expertise to transcribe it? We do. Let iScribed handle the chore of turning your recordings into readable documents. Now you can share that wonderful sermon with your entire congregation and hold your volunteers to their commitments. Our audio transcription services include: meetings, sermons, bulletins, newsletters, welcome packets, and any other recorded files.

Why Choose Us?

89¢ Transcription

Our cost structure is simple! At just $0.89 per audio minute We offer the lowest prices in the industry, exceptional quality, and special rates for large orders.


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Quick Turnaround

In most businesses time is of the essence. Average turnaround time for typical transcription orders is just 48-hours and rush orders take only about 24-hours.


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Real-time Quotes

It's a fast world! Receive a fast quote for your order on our Pricing page or by simply uploading your files and setting the options you require —all in real-time.


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99% Accuracy

Our two-pass process—where your files are carefully reviewed by two highly-skilled proofreaders—allows us to deliver transcribed files that are 99% accurate.


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Why Choose iScribed?

When shopping for an Audio Transcription Service, your requirements are unyielding, and why shouldn't they be? After all, your recordings are valuable. Not to mention the information they contain is of vital importance to your business and strictly confidential. There is no margin for error. Of course, you could scrap the notion of working with a Transcription Service, but then that would mean you or one of your indispensable staffers would have to waste precious business hours or even days and nights mired in Transcriptionland. Not an option.

iScribed is the best choice for all your transcription needs because

  1. We operate on a very thin profit margin to offer you uncompromised high quality transcriptions at the lowest possible price
  2. Each file is transcribed and then proofread by two proofreaders
  3. All our employees are native English speakers to ensure impeccable transcription and accuracy. While almost all our competitors hire off-shore workers to reduce cost and maximize their profits we are unwilling to compromise on quality and security
  4. We don't use automated software because they're just not accurate. All our orders are transcribed and proofread by professionals from start to finish
  5. Unlike most competitors, our transcriptionists and proofreaders sign an NDA with us. This keeps your files and their contents safe
  6. While most other websites offer many services to make the most money possible for themselves, all we focus on are transcriptions. This helps us be the best at what we do
  7. Other sites view clients as a revenue stream but we look beyond orders and transcriptions - we care about your business just as much as you do. We are always here to help and offer unparalleled customer service. YOU are the most important part of our business and we take pride in our work. If you have any questions about your order or about our services you can contact us online or by phone
  8. We offer special bulk rates and premium rush services - no matter what you need, we can get it done for you
At iScribed, we are dedicated to helping our clients get the job done seamlessly the first time and every time. That is what we do. We do it quite well. We hope you'll allow us to add your name to our list of satisfied customers.

How Does It Work?

Upload Files
Set Options
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File proofread by two Proofreaders
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How Does iScribed Work?

Working with iScribed Audio Transcription Services is Easy!

How to Order

1. Have your recorded file(s) ready. Go to our HOME page and click ORDER;
2. On the ORDER page choose the ADD FILES tab. A list of your various files will show on your screen. Select the audio file(s) you would like iScribed to transcribe;
3. Click START ALL UPLOADS to upload your file(s);
4. Once file(s) is uploaded, select any additional options you may require: VERBATIM, TIME STAMPING and RUSH ORDER. Choose between US or UK language and spelling;
5. Select a CATEGORY (Legal, Medical, Educational, etc.) that best fits the type of your file;
6. Proceed to CHECKOUT. PayPal, Debit and Credit Cards accepted for payment.

The Transcription Process

1. All information you enter or upload to iScribed is encrypted using 256-bit encryption (SSL) to ensure the highest level of security possible;
2. Noting the Category you previously selected in the ordering process, a pair of professional transcribers—thoroughly acquainted with your type of business—are assigned to your file;
3. The first team member efficiently transcribes and proofreads your file(s);
4. After the transcribing and initial proofreading is completed, a second team member thoroughly proofreads the transcribed file once again to ensure the highest level of accuracy possible. iScribed's unique "two-pass" process helps to deliver transcripts to our clients that are, without question, the very best they can be.
5. At any time you can check the status of your order and the individual file(s) from the ORDER HISTORY section of the MY ACCOUNT page.

Upon Completion of Your Order

1. Expect to receive an email notification from iScribed when your order is ready.
2. Sign into your iScribed account. From the MY ACCOUNT page, go to YOUR ORDER HISTORY. Here, you can select the order and quickly download the transcribed file. It will be in a Word Document format.